Thinking about selling your house this season? You’ll want to consider these three things before listing it for sale.

As we reach the time of year when it gets warmer, you might be thinking about listing your house for sale. When preparing your house for the market, consider these three things:

1. Curb appeal: This includes everything from the front yard to the entryway to the sidewalk and the driveway. This is especially important because according to the National Association of Realtors, 63% of buyers will drive by a house they first saw online before setting up a showing. It’s good for the house to look like what they saw online.

“63% of buyers will drive by a house they first saw online before setting up a showing.”

2. Decluttering: Clear the kitchen countertops, tidy up the bathrooms, and even consider bringing in a professional cleaner. You can usually hire someone for a couple hours for about $200, which will get you a thorough cleaning and really make a difference in the showing of your house when buyers come through.

3. Professional photos: You get 120% more viewings online when it’s showcased with professional photos, and more viewings mean more potential buyers. It has also been shown to make your home sell faster. Additionally, homes with professional photos average a sales price closer to asking price than homes without them. You want your home to pop and make a great first impression because you only have about 45 seconds to capture a buyer’s attention. Your agent should be able to recommend a photographer to take care of this part for you.

If you’re thinking about listing your house or you have any other questions about preparing it to sell, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help!