Today we are happy to be joined by Michelle Piccinini from New American Funding who is going to talk a little bit about interest rates and some new mortgage options for potential homebuyers out there.

As far as interest rates are concerned, we are seeing more of the same. Last week, more money started coming into bonds, which helped rates. It was not a dramatic change, but it did help. Rates still remain around 4.5%. They are not in the 3% or low 4% range anymore, so I do not believe anyone who tells you that.

Finally, Michelle and New American Funding are offering some great new mortgage products. They have some Non-Qualified Mortgages which can allow those who have been through a bankruptcy or foreclosure to buy a home after two years instead of the typical seven. As long as you have money down, good credit, and a stable income, they can get you another loan a whole lot quicker.

“Do not believe anyone who promises you an interest rate under 4.5%.”

If you have any questions for Michelle about interest rates, their mortgage loans, or anything else, don’t hesitate to give her a call at (775) 501-8546. If you have any questions for me about the real estate market or you are interested in buying or selling a home, I am always here to answer them. Just give me a call or send me an email anytime.